Ian Ross

A prolific muralist, installation artist, and painter, Ian Ross is a San Francisco-based interdisciplinary artist whose love of the natural world deeply influences his practice. Born and raised in Marin County, he draws from his meditative, solitary experiences in Northern California’s forests and beaches to inform his signature approach to abstract imagery. Ross’s background in ceramic sculpture comes through in his painting style. Similarly to the way he works with clay, he paints with gestural marks that respond the medium’s tactile qualities. Whether working on a canvas, a wall, or a sculpture, Ross allows himself to get carried away in an intuitive creative process, channeling the calm he feels while communing with nature through organic shapes.

Often termed as Hyperorganic, Ross’ unique style predominantly depicts intensely energetic, almost frenzied organic forms contrasted to expressive, geometric-abstracted patterning. While imagery for each mural, installation, and exhibit responds to a particular moment, space, and time with bold forms and color, they are just as equally created through a series of repetitive, rhythmic motions in a contemplative and thoughtful advancement towards completion. Throughout his 20-year career, he has created murals and installations at the offices of prominent businesses including Facebook, Lyft, Google, Tango, The Cosmopolitan Hotel and LinkedIn. His paintings are included in the private collections of several high profile executives and celebrities.