Mad Meg

Mad meg is fourty years old, she lives and works in Paris and uses a language desperately universal, mixing horrors, humour and wonders, that shock and leave breathless in the same moment. Mad Meg is the title of a famous painting of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. It represents Meg driving an army of women in the pillage of Hell. Meg is a woman so enraged that the demons flee before her. She has recently become known to the general public thanks to HEY! Modern art & Pop culture. MAD MEG creates works of spectacular formats with infinite details.

Her work in pen and ink on paper or parchments, leaves no room for repentance, mastery is a matter of care. Her works are “talkative” andscholarly, every detail being there knowingly, without superfluous, thoughtful, “digested”.

Collected in Europe, her work is of an extraterrestrial virtuosity. Her imposing works of paper push the doors of contemporary art in a squeaky tone of outsider.