Pablo Benzo

Painter, Pablo Benzo was born in Santiago (Chile) and is based in Berlin since 2013. In his youth he spent most of his time and energy in Graffiti and street painting. This has led him to meet and collaborate with many artists from the Santiago scene and later from around the world. The experience thereof and the influence and studies of both historical artists as well as his contemporaries made Pablo expand his work more and more to the studio where acrylic and watercolor took over. After moving to Berlin Pablo Benzo finds oil as a new favored tech-nique and incorporates collage work, ceramics and wooden sculptures as additional media, complementing and extending his visual imagery. His work is characterized by the construc-tion of confusing and unreal situations where sleepy plants and misterious interior objects are mixed with abstract shapes, often with a lack of a coherent perspective on the composition of the scenes. Each of the expressions he works with feed off of each other, thus complementing and influencing the possibilities these different techniques deliver.