Rene Gagnon

As a young boy Rene Gagnon had dreams of being an artist. In those dreams he would attend large scale exhibitions that included art that didn’t exist in the real world, it was his art that didn’t exist, yet. At such an early age, the question he wrangled with was how he would create the work to fulfill those blurry nighttime visions. He always knew he had to develop something original, but for so long he wondered how those subconscious ideas would transform into something tangible. Rene spent 3 decades developing a style rooted in the graffiti movement of the early 80’s. Being a hardcore graffiti writer was his first real devotion to the arts, and in later years while attending college he fell in love with throwing paint around reminiscent of the abstract expressionists. Rene continued his creative journey by being an integral part of the early street art movement by utilizing stencils and pasted imagery to have his voice be heard, and has since spent countless hours developing his multilayered approach to making art by melding traditional art, graffiti art, and street art into one form. In all this time Rene has come to realize that to truly fulfill his childhood dreams he must do what makes him the most happy, and that’s going completely crazy with every medium he can get his paint covered hands on. Rene continues to hold true to his roots in process and has never settled on any one style, he continues to push paint and his process daily. This never ending cycle keeps him fresh and motivated, and he vows that every time he passes the threshold of his studio he does something different.