Collin van der Sluijs - Holland

At the age of 12 he attended the school for traditional painting in Goes, the Netherlands where he studied the old techniques from painting and theory.

In 1996 he graduated and was accepted for a 4 years painting and graphic education at St.Lucas in Boxtel, the Netherlands.

Graduated in 2000, and attented the art-academy St. Joost in Breda, the Netherlands. He studied illustration for 4 years and graduated with a bachelor-title in 2004.

After the graduation at the art-academy St.joost he moved to the south of The Netherlands where he lives and works on exhibitions and projects.

His work can be disciribed as personal pleasures and struggles in daily life. Translated in his own visual language. The work from Collin van der Sluijs has been publicated in magazines, books, and shown in galleries and project-spaces or walls in The Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Belgium, The U.S.A, Luxembourg, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain.

Collin van der Sluijs

Sam Octigan - Australia

Sam Octigan is a visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

His practice typically centres with painting on canvas, exploring the intersection of narrative and abstract form. Endlessly fascinated from a young age with the visual image and how we as humans connect to it, his current work seeks to delve deeper into the alchemy of what makes an arresting image to an audience, while exploring his own personal interests in memory, history, growth, home and truth.

He has exhibited extensively in Australia and abroad, producing both solo and group exhibitions while maintaining an active presence in Melbourne’s creative community.

Sam Octigan

Michal Mraz – Czech Republic

Michal Mraz is an artist from Bratislava. His work bridges the gap between modern stencil realism and graffiti. Inspired by nature, urban life style, graffiti and pop culture, Michal’s bold, representational work is simultaneously accessible and stimulating. Mraz studied on Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Atelier J. Hoffstadter in Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2012, his work was nominated for the Artaq Urban Art Award in Paris.

Michal Mraz


Joram Roukes- Holland

Joram Roukes is a Dutch fine artist, best known for his large oil paintings where he is blending various stylistic elements and references to sub cultural group as well as popular culture, while insisting on comprehensive and colorful compositions. His works have been shown throughout Europe with shows in Copenhagen and London.

Joram Roukes- Holland

Cristian Blanxer- Spain

Cristian Blanxer, born in Barcelona in 1985, started working as freelance and illustrator in 2008 once obtained his degree in Fine Arts. His versatile spirit has made him explore different styles and techniques. The hunger for new paths discovery, spontaneous brush stroke and the intensity in the colour perception are reflected in all his works. The impressionist light and the poetical beat of the expressive stain define Blanxer’s creative rut. Most of his works reproduce human actions, from ordinary to more surrealistic situations. Nevertheless, he seems to be as impartial as possible leaving the emotions arise freely. Therefore, in the middle of his learning process, Blanxer shows us a constantly evolving work.

Cristian Blanxer- Spain

Florian Eymann – France

French artist, Florian Eymann, studied classical music since early childhood as a form of academic self-expression.  Eymann has now transitioned his focus into pictorial territories by keeping a like-minded spirit for his exploration. His experimentation triggers one to disorientate with rout, nevertheless the dark themes which he exploits will unveil themselves in the course of their declensions. Faces, expressions, marks of time are deconstructed and reinterpreted with a quite particular attention. Form and content become confused, freed from the academic influences which often challenges the self-taught. He makes us discover that the representational standards can transcend by explosive and abstract touches of paint which partially camouflage the work and thus let the imagination be carried away.

Florian Eymann – France

Jaybo Monk - Germany

Jaybo Monk left his family home in the South of France at the age of 14 and moved to Kreuzberg, Berlin in the early Eighties. He became a graffiti artist, street actor and hip-hop musician. Since then, he has been exploring the creative world in myriad directions. Jaybo has been involved in fashion, founding the Irie Daily streetwear company. He also created a culture magazine called Style in the early 90’s. Both enterprises have been influential on Berlin’s youth culture and fashion community. Even today, urban subculture remains the driving force behind all of his artistic activities. Monk also is a member of the Agents of Change with artists Kofie, Derm, Remi/Rough, and many more.

Jaybo Monk – Germany