Max Kauffman ‘When the Current Dictates’ @ Cass Contemporary

October 14, 2016 2:48 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


Max Kauffman recently presented an exciting new body of work at Cass Contemporary. Over the past few years, the Oakland based artist has been traveling from town to town (much like a nomad), painting murals, curating art shows, and meeting new creatives. This constant state of motion gave Max a new found sense of openness not only with daily routine, but more importantly, it seeped into his artwork as well. In When the Current Dictates, Max moved from his comfort zone with paper and delved into new directions with panel and linen. The work also alludes to blending into unfamiliar surroundings and the happiness felt from letting go of control and adapting to plans on the fly.

“My work has looked at the concept of balance for the last 8 years or so.”, says Max. “As I’ve struggled to do art full time while maintaining some sort of ‘my own life’ apart from that, this meta narrative continues to have more importance. For me this requires being able to recharge and be steeped in silence. Thus, most of this year has been spent holed up in the studio digesting and reconsidering… everything.”

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