Faith XLVII, 2018

Internationally acclaimed visual artist, Faith XLVII, was commissioned by CASS to create this piece on the exterior wall of Haven restaurant in Tampa, Florida. Born in South Africa and based in Los Angeles, California, Faith considers her work a spiritual release that speaks to the complexities of the human condition, its deviant histories and existential search.

Dalek, 2017

Known for his brightly colored and richly layered geometrical shapes, North Carolina based artist, Dalek, was commissioned by CASS to create this mural. Located in the Epicurean Hotel’s trendy rooftop bar, Dalek’s wall was recently unveiled at the annual Bern’s Winefest.

BASK, 2017

CASS and Hyde Park Village teamed up in 2014 to create and outdoor gallery highlighting local and international talent. In preparation for his solo exhibit with CASS, titled BASK In The Epicurean, BASK created this piece to welcome visitors to the village.

chad mize

Chad Mize, 2017

Designed specifically to showcase local talent, this bay door in Tampa, Florida’s Hyde Park Village will be an ever-changing installation. This year, CASS commissioned St Petersburg, Florida based multimedia artist and designer, Chad Mize, to leave his mark. Next year, CASS will replace Chad’s work with that of another local artist.

Eaton, 2016

Los Angeles based artist, Tristan Eaton, was commissioned to paint this mural in honor of Bern’s Steak House’s 60th Anniversary. The mural contains images depicting the rich history of the restaurant and has become a permanent part of the community landscape.

Apexer, 2016

Known for his collaborative murals in San Francisco, CASS brought Apexer to St Petersburg, Florida to participate in the city’s SHINE Mural Festival. Apexer uses his strong foundation in calligraphy and graffiti to create amazingly colorful and complex patterns.

Michael Reeder, 2016

CASS sponsored Michael Reeder in 2016 as part of SHINE Mural Festival in St Petersburg, FL. Like much of his work, this wall show’s Reeder’s use of realism to illustrate ego and identity.

Greg Mike, 2015

CASS sponsored Greg Mike’s wall in 2015 in the first ever St Petersburg, Florida, SHINE Mural Festival. Greg Mike finds passion in reinvigorating public places and is best known for his iconic Mr Loudmouth image.

Shark Toof, 2015

CASS brought Los Angeles-based graffiti artist, Shark Toof to Florida in 2015 for the Shine Mural Festival. Known for his iconic imagery of sharks, Shark Toof has gallery exhibits and large scale murals nationwide.